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10 Free tools to help you win at email

Email isn't an island. Relying on your email platform features only goes so far. Discover 10 free email tools to help you scale your emails further.

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10 Free tools to help you win at email

We're constantly hunting for cool email resources to help our community win at email.

There are some amazing tools out there to help email senders create and send better emails.

Many of these are also free!

Today we'll keep things short and sweet while we feature 12 free tools that we've discovered that may help you plug the gaps in your strategy.

Today's article is short and full of links, so get clicking and learning!

Just a note*: None of these are affiliate links or paid-for features. They're just tools we think work well and that you'll likely use to send better emails.

Time to add these to your email marketing toolbox 🛠️

There's no point in creating amazing-looking emails if they aren't going to get opened.

The guys at have a great tool to help you test your subject line, with a score out of 100 given based on a few variables such as urgency, the types of words you use and the length of your subject line.

Litmus' Gmail category tab test

Gmail categories are intended to make life easier by pre-sorting emails into a Primary, Social, Updates, Forums, or Promotions tab.

Depending on the type of email campaign you're sending, you can use this tool to test where your emails are likely to land.

Mailmodo's Dark Mode Checker

Different email clients render emails differently in dark mode.

Dark mode adoption is also on a high, which means you need to ensure that your emails are dark mode ready.

Use this tool to take a peek at what your emails are doing in dark mode in various inboxes.

No one wants their emails to go to spam. This basic tool is a great place to start to check if your emails are going to spam or not.

There are a ton of great tools out there, and many that give far more detail, but this tool is a great, free resource for any email sender to begin with.

Parcel's mailto link generator

If you're looking to make the process of replying to your emails simpler for readers, here's where to start.

Generate mailto links with a subject, body, cc and bcc quickly and easily with this tool.

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The list continues


Creating emails for short attention spans is crucial (find out why here).

This great tool helps you define the average time it will take to read your emails, helping you keep things short and sweet.

Originality.AI's character counter

Building on that last tool, this brilliant AI tool helps you define the number of words and characters your copy contains.

It takes it a step further, allowing you to ask their AI engine to condense or expand your text to a target number of words or characters.

Parcel's calendar link generator

Indeed, another free Parcel tool is on the list!

Use this tool to generate links to add an event to popular calendar services. The goal is to make this easier for your readers, especially if you're running workshops, webinars or events you don't want folks to miss in their calendars.

Eye Dropper colour selection extension

Getting your colour codes just right in your emails shouldn't be a guessing game.

With this Chrome extension, you can pick any colour on a current webpage and save it to your clipboard and colour history, quickly and easily.

This tool gives you a detailed report, checking your domains, headers, content and more to look for problems.

It even has a "Good Practice" review section, which is code for "Does your email seem to comply with the new Yahoo and Gmail sender requirements?"

Bonus Tool

As a little bonus to say thanks for being here, we've added one more tool to this list of 10 free tools to help you win at email.

Email Expert Africa's Ultimate Email Newsletter List

We have two tools we've created for our audience as evergreen resources.

We scour the internet for the best newsletters about email you can find, along with business, entrepreneurial and marketing newsletters to help you create a business out of email.

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