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3 rules NOT to follow about email marketing

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Many marketers have a fair understanding of the email game and know how to get the most from their email marketing campaigns.

There are still, however, a few misconceptions about email.

Girl holding hand up to avoid seeing bad email marketing practices

You're always told about rules to follow about email marketing. Here are three rules not to follow about email marketing:

⛔️ You MUST have a big database: There's that age-old adage that says that "it's not how big it is, it's how you use it". This saying was probably made by an early 18th-century email marketer.

You can have the biggest database in the world, but if you are "spraying and praying", you're merely annoying your audience.

Remember: Segment your database, offer content that serves them in some way, and DON'T just hard-sell in every email you send.

⛔️ Unsubscribes are bad: On the contrary, you should invite unsubscribes. Crazy as that sounds, if you care about your audience and serving them, people who aren't getting value are merely going to wind up disengaging which lowers your email-sending reputation.

So, invite unsubscribes.

It's honest work and an indicator of your content value.

⛔️ Emails must be very visual: Now, yes it may be true that people buy with their eyes, but using effective copy over the imagery is far more beneficial for driving engagement.

We're all bombarded with visual overload on the daily. Why not send a plain-text, personalised email to thank your subscriber base? It's often well-curated copy that leads to email success.

Getting these right is only the start. Learn as you grow in your email journey and adapt your learning based on the way you engage with your email subscribers.

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