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Creating a strong newsletter sign-up page

You may know this already, but we'll remind you anyway. You cannot sleep on your newsletter landing page - Learn why here.

A plane coming in to land, viewed from behind, with a clear runway and distant mountains in the shot

Let's go ahead and kick this off by asking why.

We often focus on getting people from your various channels into your newsletter.

Unless you manually add email addresses to your list, your subscribers will need to head over to your landing page to join your list.

This experience will define their perception of you and your emails, and explain why they're there.

And if you get this wrong, they're going to bounce without signing up.

Not good 😶

Unfortunately, this does mean putting in a little elbow grease and a solid effort to set up a page that is well thought-out, enticing and informative.

It also provides that final little 'shove' to help prompt folks to part with their email addresses.

Like a virtual runway; clearly lit and ready to bring your audience in safe and sound.

Want a place to begin?

Asking the tough questions

Getting this right may be uncomfortable, but you need to get the basics right. Open your newsletter landing page and ask yourself the following questions:

Is your page focused and clear? 

Is your message clear, legible and easy to understand?

Does your page have a single, focused goal (e.g., sign up for the newsletter)?

Does it illustrate value?

Are you effectively communicating the benefits of subscribing? What makes you or your newsletter special? Why should your audience really care?

Is signing up frictionless?

Is your sign-up form simple and easy to complete? Are you only asking for essential information? Can you fill it in effectively on mobile?

Is it pretty (functional)?

Does your page load quickly and correctly? Are your colour contrast and sign-up boxes easy to see? Is it free of unnecessary 'clutter'?

These are merely the basics. Think about the broader impact of the overall sign-up form experience - putting a pop-up form on your sign-up form doesn't make any sense 🤡

A black and white photo of a person's feet in fancy shoes standing in a circle painted on the floor, stating "you are here".

Taking your newsletter landing page to the next level

There are a few levers you can pull to get the most out of your newsletter or email sign-up page.

Try these to start winning at growing your audience:

Begin with data

Most "gurus" will encourage you to A/B test your landing pages. While this is a powerful tool, it can be resource-intensive.

You have a ton of resources at your fingertips if you get smart with your data. Look for opportunities to use your website analytics to identify areas for improvement on your landing page.

Think of the number of visitors bouncing, your total visitors in comparison to your sign-ups (This is how we measure our conversion rate for Email Advice in Your Inbox on both our newsletter sign-up page and our lead magnet community page - more on this in the final section of this article - We're converting an average of 34% of folks who land on the newsletter page), or where visitors might be dropping off in the sign-up process.

Use Social Proof

Featuring testimonials from satisfied subscribers or showcasing media mentions is an easy place to begin, but only if you're asking for, or encouraging feedback.

The idea is to build trust with your potential subscribers for them to sign up, and you have but a split second to do this. The more visually enticing and incentivising your ask, the higher your conversions.

It's also often the landing page visits that come from folks who've spoken well about your emails that are going to convert most easily (this works well for us too). There's an established level of others trusting you already.

Focus on their phones

We're all on our phones pretty much all the time. This means many potential subscribers are going to be clicking through to your landing page on their mobile.

What does their experience look like? Is it tiny text, distorting images or a page that's so large it takes 3 business days to load?

Ensure your landing page is responsive and provides a seamless experience for all viewers, regardless of which device they're looking to join your list from.

Make it worth the effort

Sometimes, a little nudge goes a long way. Offering a free downloadable guide, discount code, or exclusive content in exchange for signing up is a start, but everyone does it.

Make sure the incentive is solid, and it will add a layer of enticement to your landing page.

A great landing page with a horrible incentive is as effective as a sock puppet attempting to negotiate a hostage crisis.

Creating a strong newsletter sign-up page is a must

You now realise how creating a strong newsletter sign-up page is non-negotiable. Neglect this and your audience won't grow.

The good news is that there is also a ton of inspiration out there and you don't have to figure it out alone.

Head on over to Grow My Newsletter's "Newsletter Landing Page Library" to get your hands on an insane newsletter landing page repository with 300+ landing page examples from top newsletters.

Now get out there and go take care of your newsletter landing page

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