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How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Choosing the right email marketing platform to suit your needs can be tough. With so many options out there, how do you choose? Here are three underrated aspects to help you decide how to choose the right email marketing platform.

Hands with yes & no options

To kick us off, hundreds of reputable email platforms are out there.

Perhaps even thousands, if you count providers that white-label other email software.

The question, however, is, are you simply assessing your email platform based on:


Fancy features?

How reputable they seem?

Because your mom said you have to?

Look, we all have our reasons and preferences. But why not go into your email software hunting with a few strategic arrows in your quiver?

All of these are valid criteria (yes, you're not too old for your mom to still be right sometimes 😉), but do they make sense for YOUR unique needs?

Beginning with your needs in mind is crucial, but that may not be enough.

Here are 3 non-negotiables you MUST have regardless of the system you choose:

1. The ability to leave at any time

This may sound crazy, but there are email providers out there that bind customers into complicated, long-term contracts.

Unless you willingly choose to sign a 12-month contract for a crazy discount, don't do it! Imagine if:

You experience really bad service

You have a sudden change in your email-sending behaviour

There's a sudden, isolated zombie outbreak and you need to flee to Antarctica

It'll be far harder to move systems, so please folks, read the fine print.

2. Good customer service

Speaking of service, this is probably the most underrated consideration when choosing a provider.

Especially if you're new to an email platform, find a provider that has a good track record. Think of how much better support would be if:

You see solid Google reviews and service testimonials

There are real people behind support (bots suck, IMO)

They're in your timezone so you get help that much quicker

Don't concede on taking all the help you can get. No email marketer is an island.

3. Their help in getting you to the inbox

All those great features and prices mean very little if your email platform provider doesn't get you to the inbox.

I'm not going to talk about delivery & deliverability, but you'll quickly learn how serious your email provider is if they have steps like:

A compliance process to make sure you don't spam

They encourage you to authenticate your sending domain

They warm up your sending IP if you're sending to a large email database.

Don't neglect this and waste effort on creating beautiful emails that don't hit the inbox.

So which email marketing platform should you choose?

My email software of choice? TouchBasePro ticks literally ALL of these boxes. But there are also some great platforms out there!

Head on over to our Instagram page to find a few more recommendations based on the type of emails you may be looking to send. You can find us here.

Has this helped you decide how to choose the right email marketing platform? What email platform do you use and why do you use it? Let us know!

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