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How to help your email audience

Here's a harsh reality: Your emails won't make money if you don't help your audience in some way. Learn how to do that well in today's article.

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Focus on the "Why" before the "Buy"

People don't want to be sold to constantly. Your audience wants valuable content.

Yes, brands need to make money, that's a given. But, let's be real - email inboxes are crowded.

So are you offering enough value to justify taking up space in someone's inbox?

The challenge is striking a balance between promoting your offer and genuinely helping your audience.

And the best way to do this?

Focusing on content that tells them "why" you add value, not necessarily why they should "buy" from you. This can only happen if you share ongoing content that solves problems, educates and entertains.

And this can only happen if you shift your focus from yourself to your audience 🔴 Let's get into how to help your email audience practically.

Become a specific resource of value.

One way to begin shifting your focus is to become a resource.

A highly SPECIFIC resource. Here are a few key examples:

Don't just say you'll share "industry insights" - what specific insights can you offer? Are there upcoming trends your audience should be aware of? Which common pain points can you address with your expertise?

Don't just offer discounts or freebies - what future value, besides an immediate saving, does your audience derive from your offers? What ongoing value do they get from taking you up on your offers?

Don't just tell stories - what stories make sense for the segment or customer-lifecycle stage you're sending to? What stories are relatable and speak to the world in which your audience lives?

These are just a few examples, but becoming a specific resource, not simply a sales vessel is where this shift in focus takes place.

This creates value that helps your audience, not merely solving their problems through your offer.

If help comes first, sales will follow.

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Actionable content is critical to providing value

Actionable content empowers your readers. By giving them clear steps to take, you're not just informing them, you're helping them achieve their goals while building relationships of value at the same time. 

Let's discuss ways to build trust and position your emails as a valuable resource that your readers will WANT to engage with:

Focus on "how-to"

Stating a tip is great, but it doesn't end there.  Offering clear, step-by-step guides on how to implement that are broken down into numbered lists, bullet points, or even short video tutorials demonstrating the process are great ways to execute guides.

Provide templates or checklists Making it easy for readers to put your advice into practice is what separates good advice from great advice.  Downloadable templates relevant to your knowledge, such as social media content calendars, budgeting spreadsheets, project management checklists or even product step-by-step instructions that walk readers through instructions sequentially, work well here.

Break it down easily Don't overwhelm your audience with complex strategies.  Chunk your content into digestible pieces. For example, a series of emails that helps tackle different steps of a larger process can be a practical way to achieve this. We often forget that our readers are part of our emails because we know far more about a topic than they do - Make that knowledge easy to consume.

Offer "next steps" Clearly guide readers on what to do after consuming your content.  

Direct them to a relevant landing page, webinar registration, or even a call to action within the email itself (e.g., "Download your free template here"). Don't forget that readers need to be told which actions to take in your campaigns - Don't leave anything open to interpretation, unless that's your strategy.

Examples are Powerful Illustrate the effectiveness of your knowledge and advice with real-world examples.  

Case studies showcasing successful implementations or before-and-after scenarios can be highly persuasive, or testimonials on how customers have implemented your advice are the place to begin. People learn from the efforts of others, so show some social proof.

These are merely the starting points. Learn from your audience, the way they prefer to interact with your advice and what resonates with them.

Yes, this takes some effort and ongoing iteration, but it'll build relationships and, ultimately, show you care about the value they're to derive from your content and advice.

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Reader benefits help everyone win

It all comes down to value. 

In a day and age where inboxes are flooded, readers are selective about where they invest their attention.  

The key to successful email marketing is demonstrating how your content directly benefits them.

To do this, you'll need to shift your perspective: Don't just think about what you want to sell, think about the problems your audience faces and how you can solve them. 

Frame your content around the specific benefits your readers will gain.

  • Will your tips save them time on a tedious task?

  • Can your insights help them improve their results and achieve their goals?

  • Do you offer resources that can save them money or streamline their processes?

By focusing on reader benefits, you create a win-win situation. 

You'll provide valuable content that fosters trust and engagement while positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. Readers, in turn, are more receptive to your offers and content because they see you as a genuine resource, not just another salesperson.

Remember, email sending needs to be a conversation, not just a monologue. 

When you prioritise reader benefits and empower them with actionable content that helps them, you create loyal subscribers more likely to not only open your emails but also take the actions you want them to take.

This is the trick to sending content that helps your audience win, while your engagement and relationships efforts grow in return.

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