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How to Send Great Seasonal Email Campaigns

Everybody's sending the same emails, hoping for better results. Unfortunately, this no longer works. Learn three ways to send great seasonal email campaigns in today's blog.

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We're calling out lazy marketers!

If you see this, some of your seasonal emails suck(ed)

And no, that's not a Valentine's Day pun either. Think about it. We've recently been through a few months of seasonal campaigns:

  • Halloween

  • Black Friday

  • Christmas

  • New Years

  • And, let's not forget Valentine's Day

What stood out for us over the last while?

Everybody's doing the same old thing, expecting better results.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Especially in email!

Your audience hears from you year-round, so repeating the same formulaic content with a few minor variances no longer works.

Here are a few ways I think will help you avoid 💩 seasonal email campaigns this year:

Tell a Story (Not Just Sell)

It IS possible for brands to craft compelling seasonal campaigns that go beyond the tired sales pitches and truly resonate with their audience.

The key ingredient?


Here's how to send great seasonal email campaigns and keep them compelling for your audience.

1. Highlight Your Brand's Values

What makes your brand special during calendar events?

Do you champion sustainability? Foster community spirit? Give back to a cause you care about?

Weave these values into your story. Share how your company embodies the spirit of the season, showcasing that you're not just about selling, but about making a positive impact

2. Showcase the Difference You Make

Don't just tell; show! 

How do your products or services bring joy, connection, or meaningful experiences to people's lives during the holidays or on special days? 

Feature customer testimonials, user-generated content, or heartwarming stories that demonstrate the real-world impact your brand creates.

3. Share Customer Stories

People connect with people. Amplify the voices of your customers by sharing their real-life experiences with your brand. 

This could be a family using your product to create lasting memories, a community benefiting from your charitable initiative, or simply someone expressing their appreciation for your service. 

By showcasing authentic customer stories, you build trust and foster emotional connections.

4. Connect Emotionally

Remember, the holidays are about more than just transactions. Tap into the emotions associated with the season: joy, love, gratitude, family, togetherness. 

Whether it's a funny anecdote, a heartwarming moment, or an inspirational message, evoke emotions that resonate with your audience and create a lasting impression.

5. Focus on Value, Not Just Sales

While highlighting promotions is fine, don't let it be the sole focus. Offer valuable content like festive gift guides, DIY tutorials, or holiday recipes. 

Share tips, insights, or entertaining content that goes beyond pushing products. Remember, building relationships often leads to conversions later.

By prioritising storytelling and emotional connection, you can transform your seasonal email marketing from forgettable blasts to memorable experiences.

Yellow envelopes laid out in the shape of a heart on a green background

Ditch the Generic Greetings

In the barrage of seasonal email campaigns, generic greetings like "Dear Valued Customer" are the equivalent of showing up to a holiday party uninvited. 

They lack warmth, relevance, and most importantly, personalisation. You can fix this. By embracing different personalisation techniques, you can craft greetings that make your audience feel seen, valued, and ready to engage.

Here's how.

1. Dive Deeper Than Demographics

Sure, knowing someone's age or location is a start, but dig deeper

Use their purchase history to greet frequent shoppers by name and highlight relevant products. Use interests to personalise greetings for fitness enthusiasts or baking aficionados. This shows you understand their unique preferences and needs.

2. Use Dynamic Greetings

Many email marketing platforms offer dynamic greeting tags that automatically insert a recipient's name based on their information. Our friends at TouchBasePro do have software that does this really well. Check them out here.

This adds a personal touch without manual effort, making each email feel individually addressed.

3. Get Creative with Segmentation

Don't treat your entire audience as a monolith. Segment your list based on various criteria and tailor greetings accordingly. 

New customers might receive a welcoming message, while loyal ones could get a warm salutation acknowledging their past support.

4. Go Beyond the Name

While names are important, consider other options. Greet frequent travellers with "This is for you, Wanderlust Seeker!" or find what works for your brand's tone.

This playful personalisation shows you understand their individual journeys and interests.

5. Embrace Local Context

If you operate in multiple regions, personalise greetings based on local traditions and celebrations. 

This demonstrates cultural awareness and makes your message feel more relevant to your audience.

Remember, personalization is about more than just using a name. It's about understanding your audience, their interests, and what makes them tick.

Implement these techniques and you'll craft greetings that break through the inbox noise and make your seasonal emails feel like a warm invitation, not an unwanted guest.

A person holding  four phones, all contain greetings in a different language on scree.

Offer More Than Discounts

Let's be honest. Everyone expects discount emails to flood their inboxes during special days or events. 

But what if, amidst the sea of "SALE" and "HURRY LIMITED TIME", your email stood out by offering something more? 

By creating engaging, informative, and festive content beyond just promotions, you can capture attention, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions in a much more effective way.

Use these to inspire your email strategy.

1. Festive Gift Guides

Forget generic product listings. Craft themed gift guides tailored to different interests or budgets.

Highlight products that solve specific problems, complement popular hobbies, or cater to unique personalities. 

This helps customers discover new items and positions your brand as a thoughtful gift-giving resource.

2. Seasonal Recipes, Playlists, & DIYs

Unleash your inner Martha Stewart or Lane 8

Share holiday-themed recipes featuring your products, or DIY crafting ideas that incorporate them. 

This encourages engagement, builds brand associations with specific occasions, and sparks creativity (which might lead to purchases later).

3. Behind-the-Scenes AccessGive your audience a glimpse into your company culture and values. 

Share stories about your team, the manufacturing process, or your charitable initiatives. T

his fosters transparency, builds connections, and showcases the human side of your brand, making it more relatable and trustworthy.

4. Educational & Entertaining Content

Offer valuable resources related to the season or day[. Create holiday budgeting tips, travel hacks, or Valentine's Day date idea lists. 

This positions your brand as an expert and provides helpful information your audience can appreciate, even if they don't buy anything immediately.

5. Interactive Elements & Giveaways

Host festive quizzes, product polls, or holiday-themed contests. 

Offer exclusive coupons or giveaways as prizes. This incentivises engagement, collects valuable data, and creates a sense of excitement around your brand.

Remember, the key is to add value and entertain, not just sell. 

By offering content that goes beyond discounts, you'll stand out from the crowd, capture attention, and build genuine connections with your audience. This ultimately leads to trust, loyalty, and ultimately, higher conversion rates during the holiday season and beyond. 

So, ditch the tired discount-only approach and let your creativity (and festive spirit) shine through!

Two bonus tips to help you further

1. Highlight the Urgency (Without Being Pushy)

While the special days and seasons are a joyful time, they can also be hectic. Briefly mention the limited availability of certain products or the closing date for orders to ensure timely delivery. 

Use countdown timers in your campaigns to drive home your offer's deadline.

This creates a sense of urgency without resorting to aggressive sales tactics.

2. Leverage purchase history and preferences

Suggest relevant products or gift ideas beyond the generic "featured items" section. 

This personal touch shows you understand their needs and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Ap  poster on a concrete wall saying "you don't need it but you want it".

This is how you end great seasonal email campaigns

Remember, authenticity and value are key.

By avoiding generic tactics and putting your audience first, you can create seasonal and special-day email campaigns that bring cheer (and conversions) to everyone's inbox.

Let's send good emails this year. Your audience and bank account will both be grateful.

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