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Using Audience Exchanges to Grow an Email Database

Have a newsletter? Struggling to grow your audience? Here are a few resources to springboard your database growth using audience exchanges 🚀

Shaking hands after running an email audience exchange

Where to begin with email audience growth

Many folks think that advertising and paying for database subscribers is the only way to effectively grow a list.

They may not, however, have considered the power of audience exchanges. You may not have heard of this method either, so today we're going to learn how you can go about effectively using audience exchanges to grow an email database.

Before we divulge the platforms and tools we recommend using, here are three quick reminders about growing your database in the right way:

Quality over quantity

You don't need a large audience for email success, but you do need the RIGHT audience. Adding a few hundred email addresses to your list that you got from an old spreadsheet ain't going to cut it.

You're wasting your time and effort to appease your ego. You can monetise an engaged audience well if you're smart about it. Always seek the right people to add in.

Partner with the right people

You can dramatically increase your database through audience swaps and cross-promotion with other newsletter owners. But always ask yourself if their audience is who you want to attract.

Will an audience interested in knitting want to read your content about heavy metal song reviews? That's probably a nope (but also a huge generalisation from my side, we admit 👀).

Respect your audience

If someone doesn't want to join, don't badger them. If people unsubscribe, let them. If your audience gives you negative feedback, listen to them.

The trick to database growth is in how well you retain your audience, after all. Make sure you provide your audience with an unsubscribe link at all times, respect how often they've chosen to receive your emails and focus on their feedback.

Using Audience Exchanges to Grow an Email Database

Now that we've set a few ground rules, use these sites to grow your email audience:

One of our favourite ways to find cross-promotion partners to grow your newsletter. Stop wasting time searching for willing cross-promotion partners and get access to newsletters that want to connect with other newsletters.

Lettergrowth website preview

Grow your subscribers together without churning out tons of content, feeding the social algorithms or draining your bank account for paid ads.

SparkLoop is a newsletter referral software for companies to gain more subscribers and grow their business. It is built especially for newsletter management, allowing companies to reward their subscribers for sharing particulars with their friends.

Sparkloop website preview

It has a feature called Upscribe which allows you to insert links into other creator emails for simple audience capture and sharing. This helps the ease with which you can share and cross-promote your sign-up link to audiences that other creators are willing to feature you in front of. The software keeps its users’ data synced with its database all the time automatically. It also includes anti-fraud measures to ensure that the referrals are real and able to reach high-quality subscribers. It offers enterprise-grade security to its users to keep their email list secure all the time.

Swapstack can help you grow your newsletter audience by enabling you to be featured in other newsletters as paid recommendations. List your newsletter, define what you’re willing to pay per qualified subscriber, and watch your audience grow.

Swapstack website preview

For audience growth, their partnership feature works best. Essentially you have three options:

  • Earn-Per-Subscriber deals - Add endorsements for other newsletters in your next issue. Get paid for each subscriber you drive.

  • Post-subscription recommendations - Share a link to your custom Recommendations page, and earn every time a reader subscribes or purchases a recommended product.

  • Allow other publishers to refer their readers - Grow your newsletter by creating your own affiliate deal, and only pay for qualified subscribers driven.

Swapstack has brand partnerships too, but this would only be relevant if you're looking to endorse brands in exchange for them paying you, which doesn't help database growth.

Connects you to 10,000+ niche, active newsletter writers to promote your product. You can download their first list of 100 newsletters for free.

LetterHunt website preview

To help you grow your email database even further, you can list your newsletter to be featured on LetterHunt. No coding skills or advanced knowledge is needed with this simple and straightforward-to-use tool.

Choose newsletter publishers to swap audiences with quickly and easily. Business owners and Entrepreneurs can use audience swapping to be able to engage audiences that would be nearly impossible to be in front of without swapping.

AudienceSwaps Website preview

This allows for business owners that have similar markets (but not competing offers) to help each other succeed and grow, almost overnight.

Likewise, with Creators, the platform also allows influencers and creators to both connect with other creators and influencers to create collaborations, on top of influencers and creators to connect with businesses and Entrepreneurs, creating revenue opportunities on top of audience growth.

Lastly, no listicle is complete without some (shameless) self-promotion!

If you haven't already signed up for our bi-weekly newsletter, not only are you missing out on in-depth tools and tricks to help you win at email marketing, but you're also missing out on an opportunity to grow your email audience using our expert techniques.

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We've spent countless hours researching and curating the best ways to use your website, social media and various other direct marketing channels to grow your email audience.

With tried and tested methods, this guide will help you quickly and easily scale your audience by showing you where your quick-win database growth opportunities lie.

Don't take our word for it, get the playbook, implement the steps and see the growth.

Wrapping it up

Now that you have a few tools at your disposal, the next step is getting started. Make sure you follow the best practices for database growth, don't add junk emails to your list and remain consistent.

A database does not grow overnight, so keep putting in the effort and watch the sign-ups trickle in. You've got this!

PS: Want more tips like these? Get our expert email guide today! Click here to find out more

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