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Why an Email Marketing Expert is Crucial in 2023

If you send emails in your business, you may want to consider who your email champion is and if they're the right choice. If they're merely a generalist, you're potentially missing out.

Email marketing expert explaining an email strategy

Do you have an email marketing expert in your business?

If not here’s what I think: Any business sending email campaigns needs an email expert to manage their campaigns and strategy.

Many would consider this a controversial statement to make, but hear me out:

In the world of digital, email remains one of the most effective ways to directly engage with customers.

However, with the ever-changing, ever-increasing complexity that is the digital marketing landscape, specialisation has become a secret weapon.

But only for those embracing it. And that number is growing.

Why an Email Marketing Expert is Crucial

According to the latest Litmus’s State of Email Design Report for 2023, almost 35% of businesses out there have either an email expert in-house or are outsourcing their email to experts.

That’s massive!

Without stating why this is the case, my opening statement can be heavily refuted. So, here’s why an email marketing expert is crucial for your business in 2023:

🎯 Targeted Expertise

Email marketing isn’t simply about crafting catchy subject lines and sending out newsletters. It requires a deep understanding of the medium and its intricacies.

An Email Expert possesses the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the various aspects of email marketing effectively.

From segmentation to analysing campaign data, experts develop targeted approaches that maximize engagement and, ultimately, ROI.

🔑 Deliverability & Compliance

Ensuring your emails reach the right audience and land in the inbox is a crucial aspect of email marketing.

An Email Expert is well-versed in deliverability best practices, avoiding spam filters, and maintaining a good sender reputation.

Moreover, experts stay up-to-date with ever-changing email regulations, data protection laws and email marketing guidelines.

🤖 Innovation & Optimisation

Email marketing is an evolving discipline, with new technologies and strategies emerging regularly (hello AI).

Experts keep an eye on industry trends, experimenting with new tools and tactics to continually optimise email campaigns.

This proactive approach leads to increased open rates, click-throughs, and ultimately, money in the bank.

🤝 Synergy with Other Marketing Efforts

Email marketing doesn’t exist in isolation. It needs to be integrated seamlessly with other marketing channels to create a cohesive customer experience.

Experts collaborate to ensure your email strategy complements your socials, content, and advertising efforts. A unified and compelling brand message.

To send us off

Here’s the thing: If you settle for a great generalist, you risk the opportunities a niche expert can unlock.

There’s a reason there’s a saying about a Jack of All Trades, after all.

Let me ask you again: Do you have an email marketing expert in your business?

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