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Why You Should Be Building Accessible Emails

Here's a thought for all the marketers out there: Do you consider accessibility in your email campaign strategy? 🤔

A person reading braille with slightly tan skin and gentle hands

Accessibility in email marketing. But why?

While marketers out there create amazing campaigns that look great, not many sit back and think about visual and cognitive impairments that many of their readers may be living with.

We, for one, are incredibly guilty at times in this regard. But, we intend to change that. And I hope you're along for the ride from today onward.

What all of us that are fortunate enough to have our full visual and cognitive abilities often take for granted is the ability to consume content easily in the digital realm.

We forget that many people have the same access to the content we do, yet can't consume it due to inaccessibility across most platforms.

We think it's time to begin putting these readers at the forefront of our minds and email strategies!

Consider today your first step 🙌

In pursuit of creating beautiful & engaging emails, we can't overlook the importance of email accessibility. Designing emails with accessibility in mind is not just a nice-to-have, it's a MUST-HAVE.

A survey by WebAIM, an NPO dedicated to web accessibility, found that 86.3% of respondents with disabilities use screenreaders to access digital content.

That's massive! This emphasizes the importance of creating emails that enable screen readers

to accurately convey information to those who rely on them.

Below are a few key insights into why you should be building accessible emails, especially in your email campaigns and strategy.

We are also going to break down 8 simple yet effective best practices you can implement to ensure can access and engage with your campaigns right now.

Why you should be building accessible emails for your audience


Reason 1: Inclusivity for the visually impaired

Email accessibility allows individuals with disabilities, such as visual impairments or cognitive challenges, to engage with our content effectively. Everyone deserves equal access to the information we share.

Reason 2: Legal compliance with accessibility regulations

Many countries have laws that mandate digital accessibility for people with disabilities. Ensuring email accessibility helps us stay compliant with accessibility regulations.

Reason 3: Expanded reach for your content

By optimizing our emails for accessibility, we open the doors to a broader audience, including those using assistive technologies like screen readers.

Reason 4: Improved User Experience

Accessible emails benefit everyone, not just people with disabilities. A well-structured email is easier to navigate, leading to a better overall user experience.

Best practices to follow for an inclusive email strategy

1. Use Descriptive Alt Text: Include descriptive alternative text (alt text) for images to convey their content and context to those who can't see them. This makes the email content accessible to screen readers.

2. Clear and Concise Language: Write clear and concise copy with a logical structure. Avoid using jargon or overly complex language, making it easier for all recipients to understand.

3. Proper Use of Headings: Utilise heading tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) to create a logical hierarchy of content. Screen readers use headings to navigate through the email efficiently.

4. Colour Contrast: Ensure sufficient colour contrast between text and background to improve readability, especially for people with visual impairments.

5. Clickable Elements: Make sure buttons and links are easily distinguishable and accessible via keyboard navigation, without relying solely on colour cues.

6. Avoid Text in Images: Refrain from using important content within images, as it may not be accessible to screen readers.

7. Test with Screen Readers: Regularly test emails with screen readers to identify and address any accessibility issues.

8. Responsive Design: Create responsive emails that adapt to different devices and screen sizes to enhance the user experience across platforms.

Person reading a book in braille with a big smile

Make the digital world a more inclusive place for everyone

Consider this final quote to help motivate in prioritising accessibility moving forward:

"Accessibility is not just about addressing the needs of persons with disabilities but creating an inclusive society for all. Taking visual and cognitive impairment seriously in our design and communication is not just a legal obligation but a moral responsibility to ensure that no one is left behind in our digital world." - Unknown

By incorporating these best practices, we not only make our email campaigns more inclusive but also demonstrate our commitment to accessibility, diversity, and a user-centric approach.

Let's strive together to create emails that break down barriers and ensure that our messages reach every corner of the digital world. Together, we can make a positive impact and build a more accessible and inclusive online community.

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